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FeinsteinCampRI is being held at Rhode Island College in Alger Hall on Friday, March 27, 2015  from 8 AM to 1:30PM. Come and join us for a great day of learning from each other! If you are unable to be with us for the entire morning, consider attending a session or two when you can.

The conference is organized using a hybrid format. The first sessions of the day are traditional conference style presentations where the presenters will be sharing their research. The second session begins the UnConference style sessions. The individuals listed have volunteered to host a session focusing on an area of research/interest to them. These sessions will be more free form in nature where the presenter and audience will be interacting. Audience members will be encouraged to bring their own expertise to bear and to offer additional insights from their own experience and/or raise questions they may have about the topic.  Additional UnConference sessions will be determined by Feinstein Camp participants during breakfast and registration. You will find note cards on your table that you should  use to write down topics or questions you want to discuss and/or skills or tools you would like to share with other conference attendees. Feinstein Camp organizers will pick up your note cards (1 topic / card, please) and organize them around common themes. The sessions and room assignments will then be projected onto the screen. These sessions are very free form and the agenda and discussion are determined by the participants– the skies the limit on what you can cover!   Feel free to move between sessions if you think another session will be more beneficial to your needs.

Schedule of Events (tent)

  •  Registration, Breakfast and Welcome 8:00 to 8:45 AM

    • Organization of UnConference Sessions
  • Session 1  9:00- 10:00 AM (Traditional style session)
    • A P-16 Integration Framework for Introducing 21st Century Student Outcomes, Dr. Christine Kunkel & Dr. Mary Meixell (Room 101)
    • Connecting Students to Each Other and Community,  C’Sondra Brabham & Ariel Croce (room 107)
  • Session 2  10:15 -11:15 AM (UnConference Sessions)
    • Teaching Sexual Health in Elementary Schools and at Home, Dr. Christine Fisher (Room 107)
    • Do you feel that we are  preparing our future teachers  to provide a supportive,   learning environment in their classrooms  for  students who are transgender ?  Let’s Talk!  Dr. Elizabeth Rowell (Room 102)

    • Perceptions of Self-Determination in College Students with Disabilities, Dr. Shannon Doud-Eagle (Room 101)
    • Additional Sessions TBD
  • Session 3: 11:30-12:30 (UnConference Sessions)
    • Blogging and Food-Logging Towards Healthier Nutrition: Central Falls / Rhode Island College Innovation Lab: A Collaboration Between Upper Elementary and College Students, Dr. Carol Cummings (Room 107)
    • Mindfulness in the Elementary School: How can being quiet be so much fun?, Dr. Elizabeth Gibbons Holtzman (Room (101)
    • Additional Sessions (TBD)
  • Lunch, Discussion & Door prizes 12:30-1:30 AM

Please bring a smartphone, laptop, iPad, tablet, or other electronic device if possible.

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